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In 1930s Europa, tensions rise to an all-time high between the continent’s two distinct military powers – the Empire and the Federation. In the struggle for ultimate supremacy, the Second Europa War (E.W.II) erupts, and Gallia, the small independent nation situated between the two super powers, now faces attack.

The Empire's Imperial Army is first to strike Gallia, forcing the young lieutenant Welkin Gunther to pull back his small platoon. As the invading forces charge toward the capital city, Welkin discovers that not only are they outmatched in scale and weaponry, but the enemy army also has Valkyria, an unusually powerful race, in their ranks. As the war rages, the capital city is about to fall to the enemy, but Welkin’s unique battle strategies bring hope to his homeland…

There may be a chance for Gallia after all. This is Welkin’s story.

Political State of Europa (1930’s EC)

A conglomerate of nations united under the rule of an emperor. These nations retain customs and practices from medieval times, and its people are known to harbor conservative views including a strong hatred towards the Darcesen race.

Nations that seek republican form of alliance to preserve mutual security. The Federation is ahead of the Empire in terms of national power, yet it often takes more time to consolidate their treaties due to its political infrastructure.

A small nation geographically surrounded by the Empire and the Federation. The nation is a constitutional monarchy, characterized by policies of armed neutrality and universal conscription. All citizens 15 years old and above are eligible to be drafted into service in times of war.

CANVAS Graphics Engine

The "CANVAS" graphics engine, created exclusively for the PLAYSTATION®3, brings a never-before-seen style to life.

Breath life into stunningly unique visuals similar to hand-drawn illustrations, and immerse yourself in real-time battles in environments resembling a watercolor painting in motion.

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