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The son of a great war hero from the First Europan War (E.W.I). He was a university student who was immediately drafted after the Imperial invasion to serve his nation as lieutenant of Squad 7. As a commander, he rides the "Edelweiss", a highly mobile tank created by his late father.

He majored in Animal Sociology while attending university and loves observing animal and plant life and discovering different insects. From his unique interests, he often finds the most unconventional tactics (such as using trails left by animals) to stop the Imperial forces.

He is peaceful and carefree by nature. Other than his love for nature, he can be somewhat oblivious to his surroundings.
A young lady who is one day hoping to become a baker. She served as a team captain of the Bruhl Town Watch and was called for duty after the invasion, being posted to Squad 7 like Welkin. From her previous experience, she will serve as one of the scouts.

She is extremely reliable, full of righteousness and loves taking care of others. At first, she is perplexed by Welkin’s personality, but soon learns what is special about his gentle ways.
She was adopted by her late father’s friend, General Gunther, making her the younger sister of Welkin. Due to her Darcsen decent, a group of people who are openly discriminated in Europa, dealing with prejudice is part of her life.

Taking to engineering in her father’s footsteps, she earned several credentials before enlisting in the Army. She plays a dual role as the squad’s tank pilot and mechanic.
One of the finest assault troopers of Squad 7. Formerly a songstress at a bar where she took her nickname "Rosie". She holds prejudice against the Darcsen race and treats Isara quite harshly.
A Regiment Captain who oversees Welkin’s Squad 7. She holds high standards when it comes to duty and will sternly dispatch her subordinates to difficult missions, yet she is perfectly capable of throwing in a casual joke or two while off duty. Being a mature and intelligent woman, she will rarely voice a word about any personal issues.
A veteran Anti-Tank specialist who fought bravely in the First Europan War (E.W.I). Overpowering and roughneck as he may be, he is extremely loyal to those he can establish a solid working relationship with. He values experience over talent, and therefore is unwilling to support Welkin who has almost no combat experience.
He is the tank commander and lieutenant of Squad 1. Studied archeology at the same university Welken attended, where they first met and built their friendship over the years. He takes pleasure in the studying of history, and his knowledge of ruins and ancient sites is exceptional.

His pretty-boy looks can make him seem like a shallow character, but he is serious and genuine by heart. He has a great sense to act accordingly by reading the mood of a given situation.
A hungry and determined news correspondent of GBS radio station. She is capable of accurately reporting events without any bias or prejudice. In a time when most nations are implementing press restraints, she will be following closely by Welkin and the men and woman of Squad 7 to deliver what is actually happening in the battlefront.
Zaka experienced much of the same discrimination that most Darcsens faced throughout the continent and has grown to be resilient to such racial attacks.

Since he worked in a factory from an early age, his knowledge of machinery is considerable. He also has combat experience as a tank operator, and is now appointed as the Tank Commander of Squad 7 riding on the tank known as "Shamrock".
Current heiress to the Randgriz line of Archdukes who rule Gallia. She stands as a figurehead of the nation and scion of the legendary Valkyrur. The death of her parents, the former Archduke and Duchess of Gallia, left her heiress to the throne, though her young age has so far precluded her coronation. Since Maurits von Borg was appointed as her regent, she has concealed most of her feelings and thoughts to herself.
An Imperial prince and the Commander-in-Chief who leads the Empire’s troops to Gallia. He is an ambitious and charismatic character who has a high level of trust from all of his subordinates. He is a gifted and sound commander with excellent strategic insight, worthy of his rank.
A radical Imperialist who vows to support the emperor and his sovereignty, unwilling to accept any of the values or heritage outside of the Empire reign.
He is originally from a kingdom that was taken over by the Empire in the First Europan War (E.W.I). He ascribes to a knightly code of honor and even shows respect towards his enemies.
A young commander identified by her long silver hair and red eyes. She fervently supports Maximilian, and will fight proud and bravely for any of his causes.

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